Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver functional pieces of art without sacrificing quality or style, while striving to provide our customers a "taste of the good life" in their daily use of our handcrafted items.

Who I Am

My work is the  product of many positive male role models that were skilled in various trades and took me under their wings. My love for making began at a young age, making simple scroll saw cut outs with woodburned designs on them in my uncles dimly lit garage with a gravel floor out in the country. When I was 18, another uncle taught me carpentry while we built a garage with a loft above it, I took those lessons and funded and built my own room in the basement of my mom's house.

After moving out, my primary focus was home improvement and finish carpentry (built ins, trim, etc) around my home until I graduated to some light furniture building.

I discovered "finer" woodworking techniques later in life and was hooked. Now my primary focus is some furniture here and there (mostly for my lovely bride!), but mostly smaller handcrafted items you might use in your daily life.  I am not a production shop, nor do I strive to be.  I strive to create what I find interesting and what might expand my skillset further. Bonus points if someone loves what I do and wants to take it home with them! I am a maker simply for the joy in making.

Who Papa J Is

Papa J is my father-in-law who we lost unexpectedly in 2020. While he wasn't my biological father, I had the pleasure of calling him "Dad" for 17 years.  He was very passionate about using his gifts to serve others. The moniker "Papa J" is in his honor as I strive to do the same.